Full Gift Sets

Presentation is everything when you have that special gift to give. We’ve created these luxury gift sets to ensure that whomever your recipient is, it will be a surprise that they will long remember.

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Envelope Gift Packages

Our Enveloped Gift Packages are our most basic versions of our ‘Name A Star’ packages. Each package comes with the star name deed and the supplementary materials – perfect if you’re looking for that magical gift on a budget.

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Luxury Presentation Box

The Luxury Presentation box not only offers a high-quality presentation to our name a star gift but has been designed with practicality in mind, ensuring a smooth delivery from our warehouse to your doorstep.

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Luxury Wooden Frames

With every gift set, we will be including an oak finished wooden frame. Contrasting nicely with our gold certificate, it’ll be perfect standing on any mantlepiece or hanging from any wall.

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Supplementary Materials

Every single product we sell comes with some supplementary materials. Perfect to inform a recipient of the nature of the gift, or for you to brush up on your own intergalactic knowledge!

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